Wednesday, February 18, 2015


G had a valentines day party at school and we (aka me) made little treats for her teachers and her friends. On actual valentines day, we woke up to beautiful weather so I suggested breakfast and the beach. I got G and I ready in 20 minutes (Jeff always complains its such a hassle to load up for the beach) and we were at breakfast before 9:00 a.m. Impressed! After a long breakfast (it took G an hour to dominate the giant pancake pictured below) we got out to the beach. A family nearby dug a hole in the sand to make a little kid pool, which was pure genius. G played with the kids (aka mimicked everything they did) for several hours - which allowed the parents to just relax. Next time we are so bringing a giant shovel. 

This cutie...

This cutie is always making me laugh. Her smile melts me. She is spirited, opinionated, onry as can be, but she is also so sweet, loving, and generally really wants to please us. 

I had a big deadline at work and Jeff was out of town, so a co-worker picked her up while I was still working, brought her back to work and she chilled in my office until around 9:00 pm. She had Mickey and some CPK for dinner and was a very good little girl overall! 

Jeff's bday

Jeff was in Denver for his bday so we celebrated the day before. I made short ribs and goat cheese polenta and it turned out pretty delicious! 

Giuliana's favorite thing ever is to help in the kitchen. If I even walk in the kitchen to get a cracker, she is right there saying "Mommy's helper!!!". She listens well and is actually a good helper usually :) She helped make Jeff's favorite sopapilla cheesecake for his birthday dessert and was so proud of herself! 

Happy 37th Birthday to my husband! 

January randomness

Our January has been pretty low key. Jeff traveled each week, but was in town at least on the weekends. We have caught up on a lot of movies we have been wanting to watch and just hung out. We had Charlotte's first birthday party one weekend, which was a lot of fun. Giuliana says "Charlotte!" every time Shadow barks because she thinks Joanna and Charlotte are at the door. She doesn't understand they moved away :( 

One morning it was quiet in our bedroom and I came around the corner and found this. She was so proud. She loves Shadow SO much. He tolerates her :) 

We have only had a little bit of sickness in the house this winter (knock on wood). I think only one Sunday Giuliana had a fever and a cold and we had a cuddly lazy day. But overall, I think we have been pretty lucky! 

2 going on 13...

Daddy is the blue penguin, I am the purple duck and G is the yellow duck and her favorite thing is to make them all hug and play ring around the rosies in the bath. One night she added a little turtle to the group and I asked if that was Shadow and she looked at me like I was totally stupid and said "No its a turtle". OK, of course. Mom is duck and dad is a penguin and G is a duck, but heaven forbid Shadow is a turtle - that's just silly. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The end of 2014

The day after Christmas we spent some time with Jeff's family before heading back to California. We went downtown to the Myriad gardens and the kids had fun running around and enjoying the mild weather. 

Somehow we got all 5 kids sitting on the letters (they spell GROW), all looking oh so cute! 

Then the parents jumped in because they were still looking oh so cute. 

Gina's kids really wanted to ice skate, so we walked over to the outdoor ice rink (which is a splash pad in the summer!). G sat right down and started taking off her shoes and wanted to skate so bad. I considered letting her try, but her feet where no where near the size of the smallest skates they had. Next time little girl! 

The next morning we hit the road bright and early and drove all day long. We planned to stop in Flagstaff, but for some reason there were NO hotels. I was even looking at bed and breakfasts, but didn't think they would appreciate a toddler and a German Shepherd. So we kept driving. Another two hours to Kingman, Arizona to be exact. That put us at about 16 hours in the car. This poor child was SO tired (and of course had not slept). Jeff was unloading our overnight bag and getting the pack n play and I laid her on the bed and she was basically asleep the second I laid her down. 

After a nice 8 hours of sleep we all slowly woke up and finished the last 5 or so hours of our drive! 

And I spent the next few days at home figuring out where to put the massive amount of toys G had scored between her birthday and Christmas! 

The week of New Years G's school was closed so we had some fun time playing outside, playing with our new toys, and donut dates of course. 

Her "two" shirt didn't come in time for her birthday, but it's gold and sparkly so I thought it was appropriate for New Years eve. We love things gold and sparkly!

I am not one for a selfie, but just to keep the gold sparkly theme favorite shoes!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

We try to keep G on California time when we are in Oklahoma, which is nice because she sleeps in :) So on Christmas Day, unlike most people who have to wake up before the sun to see if Santa came, we got to sleep in until around 8:30. I wish I had a picture of our bedroom at Jeff's Moms house. Jeff hangs a sheet from the ceiling to divide our bed from her pack-n-play so she can't see us if she wakes up in the night (or too early). It actually has worked very well, but one morning I did move the sheet and she yelled "I SEE YOU!". 

Anyway, we woke up and went downstairs and while G didn't really get the whole "Santa came while you were sleeping" thing, she was excited to see her train set. When I showed her the plate with all the cookies and carrots gone and told her Santa ate them, she stared at the plate for a long time really trying to process this information. It was so cute! 

Santa brought her the train set, some legos, magformers (so fun), and a few other small things. At my Grandma's she was tearing through gifts one after the other. On Christmas morning it was all we could do to get her to open each gift, as she just wanted to play with each thing right then and there. 

Early morning pic, no make-up and crazy hair :) 

After we opened gifts from Santa, Jeff's sister and her family came over for breakfast and gifts. Jeff's Mom got the grandkids trampolines, which were quite the hit! 

Pretty happy she's the only child right now and doesn't have to share like her cousins do! :)

After gifts, we got cleaned up (um except Jeff's in sweats maybe not him) and we had a delicious prime rib dinner. 

It was a nice relaxing Christmas with so much fun with both my parents on Christmas Eve and Jeff's family on Christmas Day! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Eve

This year we spent Christmas Eve with my family (we switch off every year). We had a nice lazy morning, made cookies for Santa and a few of our relatives came over to visit us since we would not be going to my Aunts on Christmas Day. In the afternoon, we opened gifts with my parents and my brother and sister in law. 

G playing with a the old toys next to the tree before we started opening gifts...

Making cookies for Santa with some serious bedhead...That's one thick cookie! 

G got lots if fun dress up stuff, a shopping cart, clothes and Minnie toys.  Jeff and I were spoiled too with lots of great stuff from my parents. Personal favs would be my big chalkboard, overnight bag, and our Yetti mugs. Jeff got lots of stuff for his upcoming hunting trip!

After that we headed to my grandma Robinson's house for dinner and gifts with that side of the family. G was feeling the Christmas excitement and was a bit insane, but she had a great time. 

I finally got her to settle down by laying under the tree and looking up at it. I remember doing this as a kid and it is so magical :) My grandma's tree actually spins so it's even cooler :) 

After that we headed to Jeff's moms to leave out our cookies for Santa, read the Night before Christmas and get to bed so Santa could come! 

Santa got right to work setting up her train set, stuffing stockings and Chowing down on cookies and milk. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!