Thursday, January 29, 2015

The end of 2014

The day after Christmas we spent some time with Jeff's family before heading back to California. We went downtown to the Myriad gardens and the kids had fun running around and enjoying the mild weather. 

Somehow we got all 5 kids sitting on the letters (they spell GROW), all looking oh so cute! 

Then the parents jumped in because they were still looking oh so cute. 

Gina's kids really wanted to ice skate, so we walked over to the outdoor ice rink (which is a splash pad in the summer!). G sat right down and started taking off her shoes and wanted to skate so bad. I considered letting her try, but her feet where no where near the size of the smallest skates they had. Next time little girl! 

The next morning we hit the road bright and early and drove all day long. We planned to stop in Flagstaff, but for some reason there were NO hotels. I was even looking at bed and breakfasts, but didn't think they would appreciate a toddler and a German Shepherd. So we kept driving. Another two hours to Kingman, Arizona to be exact. That put us at about 16 hours in the car. This poor child was SO tired (and of course had not slept). Jeff was unloading our overnight bag and getting the pack n play and I laid her on the bed and she was basically asleep the second I laid her down. 

After a nice 8 hours of sleep we all slowly woke up and finished the last 5 or so hours of our drive! 

And I spent the next few days at home figuring out where to put the massive amount of toys G had scored between her birthday and Christmas! 

The week of New Years G's school was closed so we had some fun time playing outside, playing with our new toys, and donut dates of course. 

Her "two" shirt didn't come in time for her birthday, but it's gold and sparkly so I thought it was appropriate for New Years eve. We love things gold and sparkly!

I am not one for a selfie, but just to keep the gold sparkly theme favorite shoes!

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