Wednesday, February 18, 2015

January randomness

Our January has been pretty low key. Jeff traveled each week, but was in town at least on the weekends. We have caught up on a lot of movies we have been wanting to watch and just hung out. We had Charlotte's first birthday party one weekend, which was a lot of fun. Giuliana says "Charlotte!" every time Shadow barks because she thinks Joanna and Charlotte are at the door. She doesn't understand they moved away :( 

One morning it was quiet in our bedroom and I came around the corner and found this. She was so proud. She loves Shadow SO much. He tolerates her :) 

We have only had a little bit of sickness in the house this winter (knock on wood). I think only one Sunday Giuliana had a fever and a cold and we had a cuddly lazy day. But overall, I think we have been pretty lucky! 

2 going on 13...

Daddy is the blue penguin, I am the purple duck and G is the yellow duck and her favorite thing is to make them all hug and play ring around the rosies in the bath. One night she added a little turtle to the group and I asked if that was Shadow and she looked at me like I was totally stupid and said "No its a turtle". OK, of course. Mom is duck and dad is a penguin and G is a duck, but heaven forbid Shadow is a turtle - that's just silly. 

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