Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

We try to keep G on California time when we are in Oklahoma, which is nice because she sleeps in :) So on Christmas Day, unlike most people who have to wake up before the sun to see if Santa came, we got to sleep in until around 8:30. I wish I had a picture of our bedroom at Jeff's Moms house. Jeff hangs a sheet from the ceiling to divide our bed from her pack-n-play so she can't see us if she wakes up in the night (or too early). It actually has worked very well, but one morning I did move the sheet and she yelled "I SEE YOU!". 

Anyway, we woke up and went downstairs and while G didn't really get the whole "Santa came while you were sleeping" thing, she was excited to see her train set. When I showed her the plate with all the cookies and carrots gone and told her Santa ate them, she stared at the plate for a long time really trying to process this information. It was so cute! 

Santa brought her the train set, some legos, magformers (so fun), and a few other small things. At my Grandma's she was tearing through gifts one after the other. On Christmas morning it was all we could do to get her to open each gift, as she just wanted to play with each thing right then and there. 

Early morning pic, no make-up and crazy hair :) 

After we opened gifts from Santa, Jeff's sister and her family came over for breakfast and gifts. Jeff's Mom got the grandkids trampolines, which were quite the hit! 

Pretty happy she's the only child right now and doesn't have to share like her cousins do! :)

After gifts, we got cleaned up (um except Jeff's in sweats maybe not him) and we had a delicious prime rib dinner. 

It was a nice relaxing Christmas with so much fun with both my parents on Christmas Eve and Jeff's family on Christmas Day! 

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