Wednesday, December 10, 2014

To Our Two Year Old

Wow. You are two. And you love to say "I'm Two". You are are our sweet, sassy, opinionated, affectionate, hilarious, mischievous, smart, loving little girl. You know how to push my buttons, and how to make my heart melt. You are totally wrapped around your daddy's finger. You are testing boundaries and we have started time-out the past few months. Usually it is for throwing your milk or water cup and not picking it up, or throwing your chair and not picking it up when we ask you. A few minutes in time-out and you will tell us you are sorry, correct the behavior, and give us a big hug and move on. 

You can sing the entire "ABCs", count from 1-12 (after that it's hit and miss), and sing several songs. Your favorites are Twinkle Twinkle ("pinkle pinkle"), Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Old Mc Donald, and lately The Ring around the Rosies. When you ride in Mommy's car you insist that the sunroof and windows are open ("Open it PLEASE!"). You are obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You had a phase where you loved a short Disney Jr. movie called Lucky Duck and a movie called Spookily the Square Pumpkin. But you never seem to get sick of Mickey. Recently, you are into Chugington and trains.  

You want to get dressed right when you wake up and 99% of the time you must have on shoes. If your Daddy or I are relaxing on the couch or bed, and we do not have our shoes on, you bring them to us and make us wear them. You are a shoe freak. 

You like to pick out your own clothes and generally prefer t-shirts and leggings. You won't wear bows or headbands if I suggest it, but if we have no where to go or no reason to get dressed up you seem to want to wear one (go figure). 

You give the best hugs. You hug so tight and rub and pat our backs - it is the sweetest thing. You have started saying "I love you". You first said it to Shadow one night when you were telling him goodnight. Now you will say it to us too. When I put you in bed, you say "goodnight baby" to me, because that's what I say to you. 

You can repeat any word that we tell you and are talking in short sentences. When I pick you up from school I always ask what you did that day. You usually say "I play with toys". You like to eat Mac N Cheese, meatballs, pizza, chicken fingers, fries, waffles, pancakes, oranges, strawberries, yogurt, and plumb organics pouches of fruit and veggies. 

You still sleep from around 7 to 7, and take one nap a day around 1.5 hours. You have a special blanket you call "pink stars" blanket that you want to sleep with every night. You have not tried to crawl out of your crib yet, and wait patiently until we come to get you (I doubt this lasts much longer!). 

You make us laugh 1000 times a day with the funny things you say and do. You have the best facial expressions. You go from upset and crying to happy and laughing in seconds. But you also have some serious endurance when you feel really strongly about something. For example, a few weeks ago I changed your outfit to go run errands and you did not want to wear what I put on you so you started having a tantrum. Your daddy told me to let you cry, so I left you at the top of the stairs crying and we went downstairs and turned on the tv. After about 10 minutes I said "surely she doesn't even remember why she is crying anymore". I went upstairs and you had calmed down and I asked if you were ready to go. You said "Yes, but dress OFF". You totally remembered.  

You love to be a helper and love to help us cook in the kitchen. You love to be outside, and love to slide at the park. You got your own kitchen for your birthday and you are loving it. You bring us so much happiness, and we are so very thankful for all that joy that you bring to our lives. 

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