Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Birthday fun

The night before G's birthday, poor Jeff had to put this sucker together. It literally took him four hours. I started avoiding the area of assembly because I was getting some serious evil eyes. When Giuliana got up on her birthday we (he) had it ready to go and she came down stairs and didn't notice it at first. Finally she saw it and I told her it was her kitchen and she was SO excited. Later, she hugged Jeff and told him "thank you daddy" and I could tell by his face the 4 hours was totally worth it :) We had birthday pancakes and then went to scooters jungle for a few hours of some family fun. Jeff had to catch a flight, so I took G to school, Jeff to the airport, and I went to work. That evening G and I had a birthday cupcake together to wrap her her special day. 

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