Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

The day before Thanksgiving Jeff and I bailed this cutie out of daycare early and hit the road in hopes of beating traffic. It was her best car ride ever, and she just watched her cartoons and ate her snacks. Hopefully that is foreshadowing our upcoming 21 hour car ride to Oklahoma! 

Once we got to the Nelson's we started food prep. G is super into "helping cook" right now. 

Nothing quite like a toddler hanging at your legs while you try to prepare Thanksgiving food at 8:00 a.m. 

Among many other things, I made cranberries and brie in a puff pastry. Delicious! 

We had homemade cinnamon rolls (pumpkin and plain) as well as our annual pumpkin bundt cake for breakfast while watching the parade (and football). 

This little girl enjoyed the sunshine while Daddy was outside frying the turkey.

As usual the food was delicious and we had a great day. 

Thursday night we watched a movie and hung out. The following day we went to a soccer game, played outside, watched football and then went out to Harrah's to celebrate Amy's birthday. We had a nice dinner at the steakhouse at Harrah's and then spend a few hours gambling. Jeff and I walked around and admired the crowd and finally settled at a blackjack table. We ended up leaving up around $150, which paid for our dinner, so that's success! I love myself some blackjack! 

On Saturday night we went to a local brewery/restaurant called Plan 9 and had the best time. The had amazing beer (loved the Naughty and Nice Pumpkin Spice), good food, and even a kids play area. Every brewery/pub should have a kids play area. Total Amazingness. She lasted till around 10:00 pm and was going strong dancing to Ice Ice Baby just before we left. The entire restaurant found it hilarious. 

Another Thanksgiving in the books. This was our 10th year to celebrate with the Nelsons (because we go home for Christmas, we always stay in town for Thanksgiving). We look forward to many more fried turkeys, pumpkin bundt cakes, and casino nights together! 

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