Thursday, December 18, 2014

Manhattan beach holiday firewoeks

One of my favorite nights of the year...the Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks! We had tons of fun this year, and got there much earlier than last year so we go to enjoy a lot more festiveness :) We waiting in line for the snow park, which was honestly a bust. Giuliana wasn't even impressed by the slushy ice. However, after that, we found a great spot right by the stage, got out our snacks, egg nog and cider and enjoyed the music. G insisted on dancing right in front of the stage, and even went up on the stage when they invited the kids up to sing "here comes Santa" . 

I love this family picture! G has the cutest smile and you can see the end of the pier in the background with the Christmas tree. So cute! 

Not impressed with the "snow"...

Dancing in the street. Yes, we had a little mishap with the sweet potato pouch she was eating and it got all over her shirt. Poor Santa's face. Jeff was dealing with her when the pouch exploded and was like "Lindsay! We need you. It's everywhere!" Like he totally could not handle the situation and was freaking out. That's what Mommy's are for :) 

This may be my favorite holiday tradition (besides the stuff in Oklahoma). Fireworks, Drinks, festive music, cheese and crackers, babies dancing in the street, friends and family. Perfection! 

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