Thursday, December 18, 2014

Candy cane lane

El Segundo has a street nicknamed Candy Cane Lane and they shut it down to cars in the evenings and it becomes a big block party. This year we went on a Saturday night -- never again. It was packed and Jeff ended up having to push the stroller down the middle of the street because the crowds were so packed on the sides near the houses. We also had to park SO far away. Next year we will definitely go on a week night. Giuliana had a blast despite the crowds and I think her trips to Disneyland have helped her learn to "wait in line" and she will say "I'm next!". Basically for this situation it meant she was next to take a step closer to the next house, but whatever :) She got really excited to see a nativity scene and said "Baby Jesus!" which was so cute. She also loved all the train displays and was asking for more "Chu Chus" all night. I love the cute little town of El Segundo because of these types of things! 

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