Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chill Long Beach

Well, I have to admit, this evening was sorta a bust. It was amazing because Jeff's twin sister got stuck in LA due to a cancelled flight (not amazing that she didn't get home to her kids sooner, but amazing that we got to see her), so we picked her up and she joined us for Chill Long Beach. It was raining all day, so they had half the stuff closed. And there's the whole, Giuliana hates wearing coats thing that made the visit in the 9 degree ice room not so fun. Jeff and I did the ice slide, and the big snow tube slide, which was fun, but for how much money we spent, we wouldn't do it again. Live and learn. We did get Famous Daves BBQ for dinner, which was probably the highlight of the night for Jeff : ) 

All ready to go-- in the living room she will happily wear her hat and gloves and scarf. Outside, or in the freezing cold ice thing she refused. Go figure. 

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