Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wisconsin trip part 1

Last weekend we took a little trip to Wisconsin to see my cousin (who is more like a sister) get married. G and I flew out at 5:30 am Thursday and Jeff took the red eye Thursday night/Friday morning. She was such a big girl walking on the plane by herself. 

Our LA-Denver flight was ok - the flight was full and we were sharing a seat (only 2 more weeks of that and then she has to have her own ticket!), so it was not ideal. We only had 35 minutes in Denver so I was literally running from one end of the terminal to the other with her in a borrowed Ergo baby carrier. She cried the entire way, like screaming crying as if it was some torture device. We made it with time to spare and she loved looking out the windows at all the snow. The second flight was so much better, as we had our own row and she watched cartoons and ate the entire time. 

G has flown on united many times, but this was the first time a pilot gave her a wings pin as we left the plane. She was so proud! 

All bundled up and ready for the cold Wisconsin air! 

Kelly picked us up and we went to lunch at this fun deli/restaurant that had crazy circus like things hanging up everywhere. G loved it. 

Then we went back to Kelly's and G got an early birthday present - her first American Girl doll. Since G only napped about 20 minutes in the car, she relaxed with her doll and watched some cartoons while Kelly and I caught up. Soon my Aunt and Uncle arrived from their flight in and we all went to a really good dinner. G tried her first hot chocolate which was hilarious. She was not expecting the drink to be warm so her face looked like we poisoned her! 

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