Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Off to the Races

This post could also be titled "Hot Guys in Bow ties". :) Back in June we bought tickets to the Breeders Cup race, which was a total Bucket List item for me. We got tickets with 3 other couples and had a nice (kid free) day. 

We started bright and early with mimosas at Brad and Jacquie's house in our cute Breeder's Cup glasses they got from a friend just for the occasion. 

Quick pic before our 45 minute drive to Santa Anita park....hats and bow ties, check check!

We had club level seats, but when we saw all the food trucks lined up in the infield, Jacquie and I ventured over there to get lunch for everyone. Grilled cheese with pulled pork and mac n' cheese inside, Yes please! 

Jeff has always had a thing for picking the ponies. He never bets much, and therefore never wins much, but he almost always wins. He's gotta make up for my losing :)

We were afraid it was going to be hot, but it ended up being a beautiful day (even a little chilly at times). The mountain background at the track was so pretty! 

Cashing in more tickets. He actually picked 1, 2, 3 for the final race (the actual Breeder's Cup), but because he bet only $2 and they were individual bets, we only won around $20. Boo. 

He was, however, the big winner for not 1, but 2 silent auction items. Note to self, don't drink and bid on silent auction items. We were leaving the races and stopped to go to the bathrooms and saw the silent auction in a suite area. I figured it was over and his bids wouldn't count, so I humored him and laughed at his bids of $350 for a picture of Yogi Berra and Babe Ruth, and $340 for a Notre Dame Play like a Champion today sign with Lou Holtz's autograph. Well, the joke was on me. A few days later a man called Jeff to tell him he won both items. Just what we needed. Lesson learned. 

Our only group picture, and we are missing Eric and I look a little crazy. It was such a fun day!! At $9 a drink for 8 hours, it better be fun :)

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