Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trick or treat!

We had such a fun (and busy) Halloween. We started the day with a Halloween Brunch at G's daycare. They had a bunch of food, a magician and then some music and playing around. This little boy in G's class was adorable. They are dancing here to "Ghostbusters". Pretty sure G was the only one dancing, but she was adorable shaking her tail feather. Literally. 

The magician only kept her interest for about 20 minutes and then it was off to play in the dirt. Why am I not surprised? 

After the brunch, I headed off to work for a client meeting, then was back home by around 4:00 so we could pick up G and take her to the El Segundo Halloween Frolic. She had a blast with the blow up slides and bounce houses. Last year we kept saying "Oh next year she will be able to do all this stuff" and here we are, a year later and she is running around like a little kid. Time flies. We met up with some neighbors for a short bit, but it was so crowded and hard to stay together. After a few hours there we went back home to trick or treat, which G totally dominated. "More trick or Treat?" after head house. She would also say "Happy Halloween" and "Thank you" most of the time. So adorable. We were pleasantly surprised she kept her costume on the entire evening (except when we took of the head part when she was sliding and jumping). I took it off for a second while trick or treating to fix it and it was like she knew she had to have it on to get the "snacks" so she insisted on wearing it. We had the best time walking around the neighborhood, drinking a cold beverage, with Jeff pulling the wagon. I used my big camera (for once), so maybe some day I will get the pictures off it. We got home around 8:30, got G to bed and started getting our outfits ready for the next mornings Breeders Cup! 

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