Monday, November 3, 2014

Second annual Halloween progressive dinner

The Saturday before Halloween we had our 2nd Annual Halloween Progressive Dinner with a bunch of neighbors. We went to four different houses, had delicious food, fun drinks and different games. The first house had sushi, egg rolls, a full bar set-up and halloween themed scratch off tickets. They had a great set-up with all the lights off and a bunch of candles lit. The perfect start to a fun night. 

We went to our house next and were greeted by "the man" (Giuliana named him), who was serving up some delicious jello shot worms. 

At our house we played bobbing for apples, and each apple had a number engraved on it, which corresponded to a type of drink they had to take. I wasn't sure if everyone would get into the game, but it ended up being a hit. 

The third house had meatball mummy dogs and caprese eye balls and of course, no halloween party is complete without dry ice! 

Finally, we ended the night with a s'mores bar and oreo dirt cake and wine. Such a fun night with great friends! 

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