Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pumpkin painting and carving party

This year we started what we hope will become an annual tradition of pumpkin carving (and painting for the little ones) with friends and neighbors. We threw some tarps down on the garage floor, some blankets out in the street/drive way area, had some festive snacks, and went to town. Some of us were still recovering from the progressive dinner the night before (ahem, me), but it was still a great time! 

The pumpkin painting kept Giuliana occupied for a total of 7 minutes. After that she was much more interested in playing in the various toy cars in the street, running away, and getting people to get her sour gummy worms off the tables of food we had set up. #sugarhighfordays

I love this picture of G and our neighbor.They are just a few weeks apart in age. He is looking at her like "You are crazy" and she pretty much looks crazy. 

We had Brad and Joanna's garage set up with tables of food and everyone just mingled around. We had lots of yummy stuff, including a fun little carmel apple bar. 

I had the paint poured out in separate little piles and the first thing G did was smear them all together. Toddlers. 

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