Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Disney Halloween

Last week I took a Wednesday off work and went to Disneyland with Joanna, Charlotte and Giuliana. We had been planning this for months and picked a day we thought the crowds would be low. We had great weather and such a fun day! We arrived at the park around 9:00 a.m. and were planning on heading to Peter Pan (which I have never ridden and heard is so cool). But the lines for the Haunted Mansion were less than 5 minutes and a guy told us it would get really long, so we headed there first. Yep, we are the mean Mommies taking our babies on the scary ride first thing in the morning :) They did great. Giuliana was a little scared and buried her head in my shoulder, but I think it was more the weird music and darkness that scared her. When I would get her to look at the ghosts/monsters/skeletons she would wave and say Hi. She never cried or said "all done", but I wouldn't say she was dying to do it again! 

Excited girls waiting to enter the park!

After the Haunted Mansion we did the Pirates of the Caribbean. G has ridden this before and liked it again. She likes the drops the best :) Charlotte took a little nap during this ride. 

Next stop was a corn dog for breakfast, naturally. I am not a corn dog fan, but they really are amazing! 

Then we headed to Peter Pan. It was the longest line of the day (about 15/20 minutes), but the girls did great and entertained themselves. The ride was really cool (the girls loved it) but it was only like 2 minutes. Definitely the worst line length/ride time ratio. Boo.

While Joanna took a break to feed C, I took Giuliana on the Finding Nemo Submarine ride. The line was also about 15 minutes and she was hot/tired/hungry at this point and a little nuts, but she LOVED the ride. It was long (about 15 minutes) and she was staring and pointing through the sub window the entire time. When it was over she kept yelling "more fish! again again!". This was definitely her favorite ride of the day. So it was worth enduring waiting in line with a crazy person for 15  minutes. 

We had reservations at Blue Bayou for lunch, which was a little crazy but I finally got to eat the Monte Criso sandwich I had heard so much about and it was amazing. Charlotte hit her head on the table and G would not sit in her high chair and kept saying "potty" really loud so everyone could hear. I took her to the bathroom 3 times were she would then tell me to go potty. I took her back to the table and she still would not sit, kept whining and just not being herself.  Finally, towards the end of the not-so-relaxing-somewhat-stressful meal, she went to the bathroom, told me, I changed her diaper and she was in a better mood. Poor kiddo, probably had a stomach ache. 

After lunch we headed to California Adventure. Joanna and I took turns riding the radiator springs car ride (the girls weren't tall enough). The regular line was about an hour long, but the single rider line was only 5 minutes. So cool! Then I took G on another ride in Carsland called Luigi's Tires (or something?) I have no pictures, but she LOVED it. It had loud music and she was dancing up a storm waiting in the line. The cars spin and go pretty fast and she had a blast. She kept saying "Mommy ride it! Giuliana ride it!" while waiting in line and then later throughout the day she would say "ride cars again!". After that we went to the Bugs Life area and rode the little train, stopped at the splash pad, stopped to get a cinnamon roll to take home (the best cinnamon rolls!), rode Ariel's ride twice, and then headed back to disneyland for the parade. They loved the parade and G did so good sitting on the curb (chowing down on a gingerbread man) watching it. It was quite the day, and we did a lot. The girls did amazing, and somehow my 22 month old did not take a single nap, including the 45 minute car ride home. She's a trooper!

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