Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Patch And Fall Food

Another fun fall weekend in the books. We had soccer and a day of football (so sad for the Irish and the Sooners) with friends. Jeff and I made turkey chili which we feasted on all weekend and I baked a delicious peanut butter sheet cake. And then thought, this needs a chocolate sheet cake to go with it. So I made one of those too, of course. double yum. 

On Sunday we had pumpkin cinnamon rolls, had gymnastics, relaxed, and then went to the pumpkin patch. Outback was nearby so we couldn't resist some cheesefries and steak for dinner. Giuliana loved the pumpkin patch. She loves "monsters" and that makes her Daddy quite proud. She had a blast in the bounce house and picked out her perfect pumpkin. 

She saw someone else standing in front of the pumpkin for a picture and walked right over and hammed it up for us. When she is in the mood, she can be such a great little model! 

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AM said...

So much yummy food!! :) I love this time of year! Giuliana is adorable!