Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Catching up

A few pictures from the past few weeks...we've been busy busy as usual :)

In an attempt to get little miss picky eater to eat more fruit/veggies, I made her a smoothie-Which she wouldn't even try.

She had a cold for a few days, and had a fever so she couldn't go to daycare. Working from home and taking care of her is never easy, but I enjoy the extra cuddle time. 

Getting some fresh air with Shadow and practicing her "jump"

After being home for three days sick, the house was a disaster...

After a really stressful day at work, rushing to swim lessons and running very late (with Jeff out of town), we decided to do Chic-Fil-A for dinner. She's a fan :)

Cutest little sooner far at daycare...

Grocery shopping with Mommy and Daddy turned mask-trying-on session. I love that she is not afraid of anything. 

She loves her "OU" shirt and points out the "OU" anytime she sees it. Sooner born and Sooner bred :)

On Saturday evening we enjoyed a cookout at our friends place in Hermosa. She was the only kiddo there, but hung with the adults just fine. She loved watching the cornhole games going on and was a great cheerleader :)

We started gymnastics and she loves it. Jeff may kill me for posting this, but they are too cute not to post :)

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