Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Heat

Jeff had to stay in Denver through the weekend last weekend, so I was on my own for soccer. It was also 95 degrees, which is WAY to hot. I wish this picture wasn't so dark, but she was standing on her little circle, being so good, waiting for her coach to give them directions. She wasn't this cooperative the entire hour, and I probably burned more calories than her, but overall she was good and had fun. We were a hot mess when it was over. We ran by Target, then came home for naps, and then hit the beach with Rebecca and Lucas. When it's in the 90's and you live by the beach, really what else is there to do. Since it was gameday, we wore our Sooners gear and hit the sports bar to watch football after a few hours at the beach

Look Mom, my dress has OU just like the wreath!
Jeff tried to warn me pulling the wagon through the sand wouldn't be easy. He was right. 

After the beach we went to Hennessy's to grab a quick dinner. I didn't realize both USC and UCLA were playing, so we had to fight for some tv time for the OU game. Giuliana was a certifiable mess, covered in ketchup, greasy from sunscreen and covered in sand. Oh well. She was actually so good at the restaurant and at one point, after talking for 10 minutes straight with no kid interruptions, Rebecca and I realized how good the kiddos were being and how amazing it was. 

She tried to look really cute and sweet talk the USC fans into letting us change the channel to the OU game. 

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