Tuesday, July 22, 2014

To my sweet 18 month old...

(posting this a month and a half late, but better late than never!)

I know I say it each time, but wow you are growing, changing and becoming more adorable each and every day. You are talking more and more. I love figuring out your toddler language. You are starting to sing and have your own rendition of the "ABC's". You have tune down and a few of the letters here and there and end it with a "Yayyyy!". 

You are still a picky eater. You like your yogurt, waffles, pb&j, mac n' cheese, bananas, sometimes you chow down on strawberries and other times not so much. Every animal with wings is a "duck". You still sleep 12 hours at night. Thank you for that! You have had several sickies of the past few months (ear infection, sinus infection, colds, hand foot mouth, and roseola since you started daycare). It's so sad to see you sick. You are pitiful. You can tell you WANT to feel good and be happy, but you just like to lay in mommy's lap and watch cartoons. 

You LOVE to be outside ("oww sie"). You love dirt, rocks, and exploring. You also love to slide and are so brave at the playground. You love to swim and have no fear of going underwater. You will stay in the pool until we make you get out because your lips turn blue. 

Although I am far from a morning person, I love getting you up from your crib. You are usually more excited to see Shadow, but I still get a big "HI" from you when I walk in your room. Every morning I bring you a treat and you throw it over your crib to Shadow for him to eat. If I ever forget it you definitely remind me!

You are so very happy and always smiling - everyone that is around you makes comments about your smile! We love you sweet girl! 

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