Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fiesta weekend

Jeff had a late night playing poker Friday (and didn't come home with the big money...booo), so I was a sweet wife and took G to swim lessons alone Saturday morning so he could sleep in. When I tried to wake him up to leave he said, "I'll pay ya $10 if you take her alone". Um okay, that sounds totally fair. haha. A cutie, waiting her turn in the pool:

After swim lessons I had a baby shower for Rebecca at MP Post, the best brunch place ever! We ordered WAY too much food, it was insane. The bacon cheddar biscuits are pretty much the best thing ever. But don't eat an entire one before your Eggs Benedict, bacon and pancakes get delivered. I needed a big old nap after this!

But there was no time for napping. Instead it was time to put on a bikini and head to the neighborhood's annual summer party. They had it catered by Whole Foods, had live music, kegs and wine. What more could you want? G had fun swimming of course, and was loving the band. She danced and danced, and then went around saying "HI" to everyone she saw. Quite the social butterfly. 

On Sunday Amanda and Eric hosted a brunch with some amazing food, as usual. (How lucky am I, brunch -- my favorite meal of the day -- two times in one weekend!). Everyone at the brunch was either pregnant (Amanda and Emily) or had kids. We attempted a kiddo picture towards the end and everyone was tired, especially G. She was actual DONE and so ready for her nap. We kept cramming croissants in her mouth so she would stop crying for the picture, but it didn't go over so well. Our neighborhood sure makes some cute kiddos!

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