Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wow and Weeeeee!

After swim lessons Saturday morning, we headed to Chic-fil-a for breakfast and decided to take it to the park to eat. While having swim at 8:15 am on Saturday's initially seemed like a drag (it was the only time available), I am starting to appreciate the value of getting up and out early and starting the day!Giuliana had a sub teacher at swim and cried much of the lesson, so we are guessing she drank a lot of pool water, because as Jeff was carrying her through the park, she projectile vomited everywhere. twice. It was awesome. Somehow he did not panic, did not drop her in disgust and did not get a drop of puke on him or her. And it was a lot of puke people. I was totally grossed out, but high fived him for his ninja like puke-avoiding skills. Later, we noticed the ducks feasting on the puke. Gag. 

At this age, everything is "weeeeee" or "wowwwww" to Giuliana. Seeing the ducks, "Wow". Sliding and swinging, "Weeeeee". She knows the word duck, so she said it 1000 times at the park. And FYI, everything that has wings is a duck right now. 

We successfully wore her out at the park and came home in time for nap time. After naps, it seemed like she wasn't feeling good, so we decided to be lazy and watch frozen together for the first time. She enjoyed the songs and watched in on and off. Jeff and I both admitted it was very cute! 

Sunday morning started with some family cuddles with all four of us in the bed (Shadow is #4, no crazy ideas). Giuliana wakes up slowly, like her momma and enjoyed being lazy and watching mickey in bed. Jeff actually got her out of bed and got her milk, so I actually didn't get out of bed until after 8:00 am. Amazing! 

I went to yoga and then came home and we got ready and headed to the beach! We weren't sure how G would do, as this was the first time we attempted it since she could walk. We decided to go to the super close, easy El Segundo beach (hence the attractive background of construction and power plants). She did so good! She loved the water ("weeeeeee" when it hit her toes), loved watching the kites ("wowwwww") and loved watching the people everywhere ("hi" to everyone she sees). We would play in the surf, then when she wanted a break she would take our hands and lead us back to the beach towel. She would rest and play in the sand and then she would grab Jeff's hand and lead him down to the water to play some more. We took the sand buckets down to the surf and made little sand castles and when Jeff turned the bucket over of packed sand to make the castle she was amazed ("wowwww"). Everything is new, fun and amazing to her and I just love that about her. Another fun weekend for the is over. Boo.  However, the beach trip was so easy and fun, I see many more of those this summer. 

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