Sunday, January 5, 2014

One Year!

Over a month late, but oh what a month it has been! We have spent the day at Disney, had grandparents in town, a birthday party, traveled to Oklahoma and finally had a lazy new years!

On Giuliana's actual birthday, Jeff and I sang Happy Birthday to her as we got her from her crib and then had "1" pancakes with Brad & Joanna. We put her down for her morning nap and got ready for Disney. She actually slept about 2 hours and I was just staring at the monitor saying, "wake up! We are going to Disneyland!" :) We got to Disney around noon and had a great day. We first walked around California Adventure, did the rides in the Bugs Life area, watched the Disney Jr. Show, rode the Little Mermaid ride, and then headed to Disneyland. While walking there G fell asleep for a short nap and we took that time to walk in the shops, eat the famous corn dogs (YUM!) and get some sweets. Then we found a spot to watch the holiday parade. We had to wait about 45 minutes for it to start, but G did so good (maybe because we were constantly giving her puffs) :) She enjoyed what she could see of the parade, but equally enjoyed playing with her Dad's hat. Finally, on our way out we did the carousel horse and she liked that for about the first half and then was over it and wanted to sit with me on my horse. All in all it was a great day and I hope to make it an annual tradition on her birthday!

Watching the Disney Jr. Show...when there was music playing she was super into it! She definitely recognized the songs from her favorite cartoons. 

Her first ride ever, at the It's a Bugs Life area...

Then it was time for a wardrobe change as we went to Disneyland. You must be dressed as a princess, of course.

She loved the parade!

And the carousel of course...

Such a magical place, especially during the holidays.

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