Sunday, January 5, 2014

To my 1 Year Old....

Wow the past year has really flown by. I know everyone says that, but it is so true. Giuliana, you bring us so much JOY! I can't remember what our life was like before you! Okay, maybe I have distant memories of sleeping till 9 on the weekends, but otherwise I don't know what we did with all our time. At one you are starting to take steps by yourself, you have 6 teeth with 2 more about to pop through. You can be a very picky eater. You generally love any purees (especially the Plum Organics on the pouches). You will usually eat turkey sausage, bananas, mangos and sometimes will eat cheese. You LOVE puffs, we joke that you need to go to rehab for your puffs addiction (which we give you in moderation of course). You also LOVE yogurt and will always eat that. Otherwise, its pretty hit and miss. You killed a PB&J at your birthday party, but since then have only had a few bites. You won't eat any food that we make (like lasagna, casseroles, grilled chicken, etc) and I can't wait for you to start eating those foods so we can all have the same dinner. 

You still sleep 12 hours at night and have 2 naps a day between 1 and 2 hours usually. You are a great sleeper. We are so thankful for that! However, we spent Thanksgiving at the Nelson's and you woke up a few times which you NEVER do. I am not sure if it was your new teeth, being in the pack n play or being in a small room by yourself. Okay lets be honest, we put your pack n play in the large bathroom connected to the room we were sleeping in. Maybe you realized how weird that was :)

Your signature moves are your head bob dance move, which can easily be confused with shaking your head "no". You also love clap and are finally waving hi and bye. 

You love crawling up and down the stairs, playing with your hippo toy, and running around the house with your walker toy. We love you so much and can't wait to see all the changes you make over the next year. 

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