Monday, November 11, 2013

11 Months!

Ah, how is she 11 months! I mean seriously, I can't believe I'm planning her first birthday party. As quickly as it has gone by, and as much as I miss a tiny cuddle bear baby, she is so much fun and it is so amazing watching her learn and grow!

She just learned paddy cake and loves to do it while holding my hands. She finally started doing a normal clap too - before she would just slap her chest with one hand and consider that a clap. She usually has a toy in her hand, so she really can't be bothered with putting it down to clap with both hands.

She is obsessed with Shadow's ball and the number one thing she gets in trouble for is putting it in her mouth. Recently, she started trying to give it to him and I know once she learns to roll it or throw it, they will amuse each other for hours.

She is still obsessed with her walker. She is practically running with it around the house. She just started to let go and stand on her own for a few seconds. She also just learned to get off the couch the "right" way and not face plant off of it - I still don't trust her enough to leave her alone on the couch though. One of her favorite things to do is play on the couch, bury her head in the pillows and wait to be tickled, and to open and shut the shutters and look out the window.

She can be a picky eater. One day she will eat something and the next day she doesnt like it. She always likes fruit and yogurt. Veggies are hit and miss. Sweet potoatoes are usually ok. She usually likes turkey sausage. She will take a few bites of PB&J, Grilled Cheese or Mac n' cheese. She loves her puffs and the yougurt melts as a snack. This month we are taking away her day time bottles and getting her used to the sippy cup. She will drink water out of a sippy cup no problem, but when we give her milk she shakes her head "NO". Picky picky!

She brings us so much joy! Can't believe we will soon have a 1 year old!
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