Monday, September 23, 2013

9 Months!

It's a whole new world now that Giuilana is a crawling fool! She spent about a week or two doing the low crawl and then finally figured out how to really crawl and never looked back. She "officially" started crawling on 8/15. Jeff was gone Monday-Friday for a work trip and when he got back he couldn't believe how she had all of the sudden just figured it out. A few weeks before she started pulilng herself up to a standing position. She loves to stand up on the coffee table/ottomans. In her 9th month she also got her two top teeth, which appeared around 8/24.

Her naps and eating schedule are still pretty much the same. She is starting to pick up puffs and little peices of food we put on her tray. She is funny because she will pick up the puffs no problem, but other small things she just stares at until we put it in her mouth.

She figured out peek-a-boo and if I say "where's Mommy?" or "where's Giuliana?" she gets a huge grin! She also will hold the towel or blanket over her head and wait until we say "Where's Giuliana?" and then she will move it and laugh and smile.

During her ninth month she had a visit from her Grandparents while Jeff and I went to Vegas for a long weekend. They had lots of fun walking around the beach, going out to eat, taking lots of walks and playing a ton!

She is still in swim lessons and loves going under water and playing on the top step at our neighborhood pool.

She knows (responds to) her name, "Where's Shadow?", splash, kick, jump!, no and "not in your mouth", and peekaboo.

99% of the time she will easily give us a big toothy smile, but of course when I brought out the chalkboard for her pictures she wanted none of that!

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