Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8 Months!

We are a few weeks late with this post, but better late than never! At 8 months Guliana is starting to low crawl (Jeff doesn't like the term "army crawl"- haha) and she will crawl regular style for a foot or two. She LOVES to be standing up holding onto the coffee table or couch. She gets all brave and tries to let go, but that never ends well :)

She still has 2 teeth although her top ones look like they may be coming in soon. She still sleeps 7pm-7am, naps 9ish-10:30, and 1ish-3:00. She still has 4 bottles/nursing a day and eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. We started yogurt this month and she loves it. She would eat it all day for every meal if we let her. She likes all the flavors (Yo Baby Peach, banana and blueberry). She is feeding herself puffs now, but won't try to pick up any other little food bites we put on her tray. She is still not a fan of the sippie cup. She has become so squirmy when she gets her bottle. She would much rather look around and wiggle than drink it.

She has started to express her opinions and show off her fiesty side. If you take something away from her she will start to fuss now, but she is quickly over it when you give her something else. When she gets mad she starts squeezing her fists and almost grunting. But she thinks that noise is funny and will start laughing at herself and continuing to do it. I sorta encourage her by making fun of her with the grunting noise which makes her do it even more. Probably not the cutest thing to encourage.

She started swim lessons and is doing great. The swim instructor said that it was very rare to see a baby so comfortable with the water and with him holding her right off the back. The first two lessons we would count "1-2-3" and then blow on her face to make her shut her eyes/mouth and then put her under water. The third lesson he said she was already shutting her eyes on "3" so we could stop blowing on her face. Now we count, and one person lifts her up and puts her under and pushes her towards the other person. She loves it! Her main challenge is floating on her back because she wants to kick and play. She isn't scared, but just doesn't understand to lay and be still and relax.

Getting her to sit still for pictures is a new challenge. She wanted to crawl off the chair, smear the chalkboard, any anything else besides sit and smile for the camera! :)

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