Monday, August 19, 2013


Our mornings can be hectic, but I love them. I am lucky that usually I don't have to leave for work at a specific time, so I can enjoy my time with G and not feel to "rushed". Although now I try to get her to the nanny's right around 9:00 so she can start her morning nap. The days of her falling asleep in the stroller and staying asleep in it after I drop her off, are long long gone :( 

G starts babbling around 7:00 and I go in her room and now find her sitting up like this:

Good morning, sunshine!

We head to my room, she nurses, and then we play for about 30 minutes...although now she is crawling and wants to crawl off the bed, so sometimes we head to living room sooner so she can crawl around without the fear of her crawling off the bed.

I usually have on the Today Show. She loves the weather report for some reason!

We head downstairs and she plays on the floor while I make breakfast.... iced coffee for mama, oatmeal, peaches, pears and mangos for G. I usually multi-task and pump while feeding her breakfast. 
I give her a few puffs to eat while I clean up, and she watches Disney Jr. Then we take Shadow for a walk if its Tues/Thurs, otherwise we just head up and I start getting ready.

Now that G won't fall asleep in the stroller and stay asleep while I get ready and drive her down the street, we have stretched her morning nap time to 9/930...So the jumperoo now resides in our master bath, and it keeps her entertained while I shower. She loves "peekaboo" through the shower door!

After I'm ready, we load up the car with her diaper bag, lunch/dinner, stroller, the dog, pump bag, my lunch, purse and the kiddo, and off we go. First stop is our neighbor's house where we share a nanny. Next stop is doggy daycare on Mon/Wed/Fri. Then it's off to work for me!
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