Friday, August 2, 2013

The OC Fair

Last Weekend we went down to the OC fair with some friends for some fun. We ate a little...okay a lot... of the fried food!

We also watched the Pig Races (below) which Giuliana seemed to enjoy!


We started the morning off with fried lobster...

A Fried Klondike bar...

Fried cookie dough and fried bacon wrapped pickles...

And then later enjoyed some Fried PB&J "smores" (my fav of the day!)

Fried Snickers...


Someone decided the fair was way to fun and wouldn't fall asleep in her stroller, so she was pretty tired at this point :)

Bacon wrapped turkey leg? (These were $20 each -ridiculous! and it was SO salty)
Bacon wrapped hot dog and fries! 

I should note that we had 5 people total and not everyone ate everything, and I didn't get a picture of a few things, but this was the majority of what we ate! It was a fun day and the kiddos were really good. Giuliana loved watching the big rides go up and down and there was a splash pad area that had only 1 or 2 kids on it (because we got there right when the fair opened) and she loved watching the water go up and down. I have the cutest video of her laughing at it. Next year she will be running around in the water I'm sure!

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