Monday, April 29, 2013

The Big 3-1!

 Friday was my 31st Birthday. For some reason I feel a lot older than I did when I turned 30. Maybe because 30 was spent celebrating in Italy and so I didn't really think about being 30 that much. Or maybe because now I'm a mom. For whatever reason, I feel old! haha!

I woke up on my Birthday to presents and cards from Jeff and Giuliana, as well as a cake from my favorite bakery - Susie Cakes! I was really surprised because Jeff had been out of town all week (working hard in Vegas...uh huh) and I knew my "present" from him was our little weekend getaway.
While at work I was delivered a cookie boquet from my parents - yum!

On Friday night we headed to Escondido to stay with the Nelsons. We went out for sushi for dinner, where I proceeded to take no pictures. However, the sushi was good and the girls played N'Sync Happy Birthday over the speaker and brought me ice cream at the end of our meal. Giuliana was having a blast too, and by that I mean she slept the entire time. :) We woke up Saturday and played with G and headed out around for our 24 hour getaway. G stayed with the Nelsons and I know had lots of fun!
First stop - Pt Loma seafoods for my favorite crab cake sandwiches....

 Next stop- Lowe's Coronado Bay, where we checked in and I immediately headed to the spa for a much needed massage. For only being aroudn 14 pounds, that little G can sure make my back hurt.
 Then we got ready for dinner at my favorite place of all time...The Hotel Del
Amazing views at 1500 Ocean...

After dinner we walked around and had drinks, and then went back to Lowe's for drinks and watched the end of the Thunder game. Saturday morning we woke up, had breakfast in bed. We had a few hours before checkout, so I said, why don't we watch a movie. We never have time for movies these why not? It was very relaxing!
Then we headed back to Escondido to get this cutie. I missed her of course, but knew she was in good hands!

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