Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A day in the life (8-12 weeks)

I love to read the "a day in the life" posts, so here is a typical day for us from 8-12 weeks (before I went back to work). It is based on the Mom's on Call schedule which as worked great for us!

7am - Turn on TV in my room. Get Giuliana from crib (sometimes I wake her up, but usually she starts to stir around 630/645 and talks to herself until I get her). Check diaper, bring her to my room. Give Shadow a treat. Feed G and watch the today show.

730- Feeding is done. Play in bed with Jacque or Mortimer and get lots of smiles!

8:15 - change diaper and head downstairs and get ready for walk

8:20 - Swaddle G and leave for walk with Shadow. G falls asleep during walk.

8:40 - back from walk. G stays asleep in stroller in living room. Fix breakfast, clean bottles and pump. Continue watching Today Show usually. Head to gym at 9:00 on some days. Around 9:30 G usually stirs and usually will fall back asleep till closer to 10:30.

10:30 - wake G if she hasn't woken up. Feed her upstairs in loft while catching up on my shows.

11:00 - play time/tummy time/walk Shadow with G in Bjorn

12:00 - If I have errands to do, I will usually leave around this time to do errands and G will nap while we are out. If not, G will nap in her crib. I also eat lunch during this time. If I don't have errands I will shower, do laundry, pump, or whatever needs to be done around the house and catch up on my shows.

1:30/2:00 - depending on when she wakes up feed G

2:00/2:30 - feeding over, play time 

3:00 - naptime again for G. If she has napped all day in her crib, this nap may be in the swing. If we have been out and about, then it's in the crib (I try to get at least two naps in the crib a day). I usually take Shadow out to walk around where the monitor reaches during this time.

4:30 - Feed G

5:00 - Feeding is over, play time and wait for Jeff to get home from work.

6:00 - sometimes G takes a little catnap in the bouncy seat, sometimes we take a walk as a family and she fall asleep in the stroller. We eat dinner. If she is awake the whole time, she is usually a bit fussy and wants to be held, so it can be a tough part of the day!

7:00 - start bath, heat up water for bottle

7:10 - bathtime!

7:20 - bath is over, get pj's on, get lots of smiles on changing table

7:30 bedtime bottle

8:00 - in crib for the night!

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