Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A day in the life 13-16 weeks

Here is a day in the Life with me back to work starting at 13 weeks old for Giuilana.  It's a little game called "how much can you get done between the hours of 7am-9am".

6:45 - Giuliana stirs and is babbling. I doze on and off until the alarm goes off at 7:00. Sometimes I check my e-mail and read fb from my phone to keep me awake.

7:00 - Get up, get pump ready, and put it in the bed with toys and burp cloth. Give Shadow a treat, turn on the tv, then get G and change diaper.

7:02 - Feed G

7:30 - playtime in bed. If G is happy to rest up against the pillows I will start pumping. Watch the Today show while playing.

8:00 - leave for walk and play fetch with Shadow if its a Tues/Thurs. If its doggy daycare day, we just walk down to the area to go to the bathroom for the dogs. Either way, G falls asleep in stroller.

8:15ish - make tea, eat breakfast, get G's diaper bag packed and bottles ready, pump some more, clean pump parts, take a shower and get ready for work, and load up car with stroller, diaper bag, pump bag, dog and baby, oh and a lunch for myself if I remember

9:00 (or lets be real, usually more like 9:20) - drive down the street and drop G off with nanny. She is usually still asleep, even with Shadow going crazy in the back like a wild monkey.

9:30ish- drop Shadow off (if it's Mon/Wed/Fri) at doggy daycare. Head to work. Usually pump again while driving.

10:00/10:30 - arrive at work. whew.

4:45/5:00 - leave work if Jeff is out of town. If he is in town, I sometimes work till 6:00 or so. Usually stop and get dinner, or we eat left overs. Also pump in the car. Pick up Shadow by 7:00 if its a Mon/Wed/Fri. Pick up baby if Jeff is not in town.

6:30 - eat dinner if G is taking a catnap or is content playing - if not, dinner will wait till after she goes to bed

7:00 - start G's bedtime routine (same as it was before I went back to work).
 7:10 - bath
7:30 - one of us walks Shadow while the other gives G a bottle.
8:00 - baby is in crib, we catch up on tv shows, I eat dinner if I haven't yet, I pump, clean pump parts and go to bed by 10:00!

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Gina said...

You're a great mommy!!! That's a lot of work (all that pumping!!) Just to keep alive others besides yourself. I know they're worth it, but it can be tiring. Good job mama!!!