Thursday, March 7, 2013

3 Months!

How is our sweet girl already three months? It just seems like last week we were taking our 6 day old newborn to pick out a Christmas tree! This month has been really fun. She is sleeping a good 10 to 11 hours a night so we are super lucky! We place her in her crib awake at 745/8 pm and usually she will look around for awhile (sometimes up to 30 minutes) and kick her legs before she falls asleep. She also practice her coos and talking during this time. We love watching/listening to her on the monitor!

She takes 3 naps during the day and sometimes an evening catnap (if we are lucky...I say this because this is when we usually eat dinner!). We took our first airplane trip to Denver at the end of February where we hung out in the hotel while Jeff was working and then went to the mountains for the weekend. She also got to go up to Jeff's office and meet everyone :) She stayed in daycare for the first time while we skied at Breckenridge and she did great! She was also great on the plane. Even the flight attendents commented how good and quiet she was (especially compared to the unruley kids a few rows up, which made Giuliana's 2 minute cry during a diaper change seem like NOTHING). I'm sure they also appreciated the fact that we didn't leave our seats covered in cereal like they did. Seriously people, they are flight attendents not maids.
Giuliana now smiles back at you if you smile at her and she even laughed for the first time while we were in Denver. Of course it was at Jeff who was giving her lots of kisses with his tickley beard on her face. Lucky for me I remembered to grab my phone and get some of it recorded. Super cute!

She is still always kicking her feet and moving her legs. I can't wait to get her in some swim lessons!

When we give her milk from a bottle she is now drinking 4-6 oz. She is still long and her 3 month pants are all short on her. Good thing capri's are in style :)

A few days before she turned 3 months we stopped swaddling her at night and took away the beloved nap nanny. It was time for her to learn to sleep flat on her back (which was a fail in the hotel in Denver when we tried the pack n play...she was not a fan). We were prepared for a few nights of no sleep, but our girl didn't care at all. She fell asleep like normal, and slept all night.

She still loves her Jacque the Peacock toy. She smiles at it and if we lay it in her lap she touches it and moves the little wings around. On the exact day she turned three months she started batting at her Mortimier the moose toy (also Lamaze brand). We hold it above her and she grabs his little legs and swings them. Super cute!

Now that three months have gone by, it is time for me to go back to work. It is an adjustment but it makes the weekends that much more fun to spend time as a family. I love watching her grow and change but looking at her newborn pictures the other day did get me a little sad. She doesn't even make her cute baby bird face anymore when she is hungry :( She really is getting big!

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