Thursday, March 7, 2013

Favorite Things!

Orbit Travel System– We love our orbit travel system. We definitely think it was the best investment—it’s our favorite baby item! It’s super easy to use and so convenient. The bassinet, infant car seat and toddler stroller seat are all inter changeable. Everything rotates 360 degrees so it’s super easy to put in your car, and you can have the baby facing you or facing out looking at the world when you are using the stroller. We also have the stroller bag for gate checking when flying and we have the side panniers, which are great for grocery shopping! The bassinet is also approved for sleeping, so we used it instead of the pack n play during travel when she was little.

Nap Nanny—This was recalled, and unfortunately the company is out of business. G loved it and I think it is totally safe if used properly. At the first signs of the baby turning over, you shouldn't use it and so we stopped using it when G turned 3 months old. (She still hasn't rolled over, but just to be safe). I think it helped her with her great sleeping habits, as she starting sleeping all night (10 hours) when she was around 7 weeks old!

My little Snugabunny bouncy seat– G loves this and it’s often the only way we can get her to take an evening cat nap. It’s also super handy for bath time when just one of us is home. We put the towel in the seat ready to go and when bath is over, we take her out and place her in the seat and wrap her up so she is warm and cozy.

Motorola Monitor—the monitor works great and I love that it shows the temperature in her room. For some reason I obsess over the temperature. Having two cameras is so nice b/c we can use one upstairs on the swing/bouncy seat and one stays mounted above her crib. We also take it when we travel.

Mamaroo Swing– This swing is so amazing. Jeff wishes there was one in his size :) There are several “motions”. G loves the car ride and the Kangaroo the best! It’s also not too clunky which is nice, as it doesn’t take up a bunch of room.

Aden and Anais Blankets— Jeff wondered why we had two packages (8 total) but we seriously have them in every room, in the diaper bag, on the stroller. They are always being used. They are great for so many things (laying over the stroller, keeping baby warm, swaddling, etc.!)

Little Giraffe Stroller Blanket— the perfect size to cover her up and keep her toasty warm in the stroller. It is the softest blanket ever and she loves to chew on the satin lining. I want one in my size :)

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddler— After trying to just swaddle in the blankets, and trying a few other brands of swaddlers, we stuck with these. G likes to kick her feet and they have a lot of room at the bottom for her to do this, while keeping her arms snug and tight to her sides. You really have to see what works best for you and your baby. Don’t buy a million of several brands and wash them like I did. Figure out what works first! I have several of another brand that I washed and am now stuck with them. Also, at three months old we stopped swaddling but still use these just as a sleep sack instead.

Itzy Ritzy snack bags—I use these to keep things in her diaper bag organized (one is for bows, socks, etc).

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag– I love this bag. The colors match her room and I love the fold out changing pad.

Jacque the Peacock– This was the first toy G smiled at and now she is reaching for it and playing with it. She LOVES her some Jacque.

Conair sound machine—It gets nice and LOUD unlike the baby sound machines. Also it will stay on continuously (auto turn off is optional).

Moms on Call—Can’t say enough good things about their online course and books. When we returned from OK and G was 3 weeks old we started her on the Moms on Call schedule and never looked back. By 7 or 8 weeks she was sleeping around 10/11 hours through the night. We love their bath time routine. G LOVES the bath with their method.

JuJu Be Quick—This little tote is the perfect size for a few diapers, a changing pad and wipes. I can throw it in the diaper bag or in the stroller pouch and is great to just grab that and the baby to take to the bathroom for an on-the-go changing.

Timi and Leslie Jessica bag—Yes, I have two diaper bags. This one doesn’t look so “diaper bag-y” so I use it a lot. It also comes with lots of helpful items. The little wristlet is now my purse with my necessities (money, credit cards, ID, lipstick, etc)

Crane Humidifier—When G got a little cold the doctor recommended a humidifier. It really helped. This one had good reviews and it’s pretty cute too!

    Medela Freestyle Pump— As much as you can love a pump I love this one. Its small and has a belt clip and with the hands free bra (see below) I can pump and do chores around the house and also pump while driving to and from work — yep, I definitely do!

Gerber Essentials bottles—After trying every expensive bottle in the world, we tried these during our bottle bootcamp day (G started refusing the bottle when she was 5 weeks). Maybe it was this bottle, maybe it was just her finally caving in, but for whatever reason she started drinking them again and we were using these so we have stuck with it. They are super cheap, and the nipples/tops fit on the medela bottles so we actually use both bottles but only the Gerber nipples/tops.

Boon Drying rack—so functional and so cute! I actually have 2 - one in the kitchen mostly for bottles and one up in my bathroom for my pump parts (because I usually pump in the bedroom or up in the loft at night).

Boppy—I use this for nursing, and for tummy time. I have the cutest cover from Etsy that is purple and white damask.

Dr. Browns Bottle Scrubber—I like this one b/c of the soft sponge top which is good for cleaning pump parts.

My Brest Friend—I also use this for nursing. I keep it in the loft and the boppy in her room. Both are comfy and great.

Medela Bottle Tops with date—I love these! I always forget what was pumped what day, and am way to lazy to write it down on masking tape and tape it to the bottle. These solve that problem and are super cheap!

Best Chair Co. Rocker/Glider — this chair is really comfortable and will fit both G and I for years to come (great for bedtime stories). Instead of getting a recliner, I just got the chair and a cute ottoman separately.

Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra— works great! I didn’t buy it for several weeks of pumping and I have no idea why I waited so long.

Lansinoh Products (not pictured) - I use their milk storage bags for the freezer. They seem to work the best and are easiest to read the amounts. I used the gel pads the first few days of nursing when it hurt, but that quickly went away so I only needed to use them for a few days. At the time, they were great though! I also used the lanolin for the first two weeks, and it was very helpful. Lucky for me G was a a great nurser and I didn't have many problems with pain!

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AM said...

Love this post! I have those same cupcake itzy ritzy bags, just ordered a new petunia bag (love those), love aden and anais blankets (especially the bamboo ones), and love my Best chair rocker and ottoman. BUT, some of these things I hadn't heard of and will be checking out! Hope you are well!