Thursday, January 3, 2013

39 Weeks!

I am behind in posting my updates....but I am now playing catch up!

39 Weeks! I was hoping she would come this week, but she did not. I am so uncomfortable and so restless and ready for her to be here! My feet got huge during Thanksgiving and that was not fun. The Nelson's came up and we had a wonderful meal. I did a little cooking, but not as much as usual. Everyone chipped in and Amy and Justin cleaned the entire kitchen after dinner, which was SO wonderful. It felt so weird to just relax and do nothing while someone was cleaning my kitchen, but I was so thankful. Amanda and Eric (neighbors) came over with some of their friends later and we stayed up playing bored games. It was a great holiday, despite feeling so huge!

Symptoms are still the same. Big. Uncomfortable. Taking lots and lots of walks. Bubble baths are amazing.

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