Tuesday, November 20, 2012

38 Weeks!

Wow, almost there! The doctor said she was confident the measurements were correct when they said she weighed over 7 pounds, based on how much room she is taking up in there from the ultrasound. So, this means I may get an induction date at my next appointment (11/21). We will see!
Still sleeping pretty good, still have sore hips, a little heartburn, and a lot nervous energy going on. I have not really gained any weight these past two weeks, I guess that is normal though. I am walking more, so that probably has helped. Everything is pretty much done, so I walk around the house on weekends thinking, "what can I do??"
My last day of work will be Tuesday 11/20, which worked out great because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Hopefully she will arrive the following week!

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