Tuesday, November 13, 2012

37 Weeks!


I am officially "full term". Jeff is also officially done traveling for work until after the baby comes. This means Giuliana is free to make her appearance whenever she wants :) And I'm hoping that is sooner than later! Although I'm sorta hoping it is after Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the holiday at home and not in the hospital. But, either way, we are ready! The first picture is from Veteran's Day before we went out to dinner. I realized I barely have any of us together with me all large and cow like, so why not take one :)

Weight Gain: still around the same, 27 pounds
Movement: still the same, all the time, and her kicks and punches and whatever it is are feeling stronger and sometimes even hurt a little. I know she is running out of room.
Symptoms: A tiny bit of heartburn, major hip pain, turning over in the night hurts soooo bad

This week I also noticed my stomach quickly moving up and down and it was not me breathing (it was faster). It was also quicker than when she gets hiccups. I assumed it was her breathing and after a little googling, I found out that is what it was! They "practice" breathing while still inside you. So cool! I guess it's not that common to feel/see it, they have to be situated just right with their back against your stomach. I have seen/felt it a few times since then.
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