Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pregnancy Survival Items

I read several blog posts regarding "pregnancy must haves" and they really helped me, so I decided to make my own list. Here are the items I couldn't have lived without (OK, in reality I could have lived without them, but they made life much easier!)....

1. Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream - I use this daily and don't have any stretch marks. I don't know if its this or good genes, but I'll take it!
2. Tom's - I wore these shoes everyday in Italy and they really kept my feet nice and happy. We walked everyday. all day. So that says a lot! They really are so comfy! The past few months I also started wearing them to work everyday. Sometimes they look good with my outfit, sometimes not. And I don't care.  They are even more comfy than flip flops.
3. Diet Ginger Ale - I love this stuff! If I was feeling a little sick in the first trimester it would really help. Now I just drink it because I love it and sometimes I am just so sick of water! I buy diet b/c I try to stay away from the sugar content of regular (I know, there are arguments against artificial sweeteners too, but this is my choice). I prefer to get my sugar from cupcakes. haha.
4. Smart Water - I love the big 33 oz bottles b/c they fit in my cup holder in the car, fit in my big purse, and I usually refill the same one several times before buying a new one. The water just tastes better, I swear.
5. Bubble Baths - They helped my sore back/hips more than anything!
6. Zantac - The doctor recommended it, and it helped my constant heartburn/indigestion SO much!
7. GAP maternity leggings - they are THE BEST! They are so soft and now in the last month I am wearing them everyday (I need another pair!). They are a lot softer than the Motherhood maternity version, so they are worth the extra $. I like that they go below the belly, because the panels were getting annoying and the lines always show.
8. Gap maternity softest tank - my favorite long tanks
9. Granny Smith Apples and Snacks on the Go - These were my healthy snacks of choice, and actually one of the few foods that sounded good during the first trimester. I have continued to eat them through out. I am super lazy when it comes to veggies, even though I do love veggies. The snack packs make it so easy!

*A lot of people swear by the body pillows. I have not been able to sleep with mine at night (it just gets tangled in the covers and annoys me, I need two separate pillows), but I do love mine for sitting up in the chaise lounge to watch tv. So it stays in the family room and I use it for watching tv. I have the Boppy brand one.

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