Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wine Tasting Party

A few weekends ago our neighbors Amanda and Eric hosted a wine tasting party. Everyone brought a bottle of wine, Eric covered up the label and assigned each bottle a number, and passed out score cards. We started on the patio with appetizers and a had the first few bottles. Then we moved to the dinner table and had a delicious caprese type salad with burrata cheese and then a homemade pasta dish entree. Then lots of yummy desserts! There were five couples total (so 10 bottles of wine for the contest!) and we had the best time! After all the wine and food, we moved to another neighbors house to continue the party. I don't think we got home until close to 2:00 a.m. The next day Amanda sent me a picture of the 13 bottles of wine and 3 large beers that were consumed.   Two of the couples were neighbors we had not had a chance to spend much time with, so it was nice getting to know them. We simply have the best neighborhood with the best people. We always have so much fun hanging out with them. And guess what?? I won the tasting contest! I brought a bottle from my boss's very own vineyard in his backyard. So it's not even available in stores or anything. I was so excited! Thanks to Amanda and Eric for hosting a wonderful party!

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