Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Bear!

A few weekends ago, I headed up to Big Bear with two of my neighbors/friends Joanna and Rebecca. We left bright and early on a Sunday morning and got back around 8pm that night. It only takes about 2 hours each way, so it's not a bad day trip. We had great conditions, as Big Bear had just received about 12-16 inches of fresh snow a few days prior. It got a little icy as the sun started going down, but most of the day it was really nice. Joanna had never skied before, and only snowboarded once. She did great for her first time, and likes skiing 100x more than snowboarding (yah!). While the other two girls took an afternoon break, I enjoyed some ski time alone on some of the more difficult runs. There is just nothing like the mountains, the snow, the wind in your face, the music playing on my headphones, and zipping down the mountain. I love skiing SO much and can't wait to go back! It's one of those things that I just don't do enough, despite the close proximity of Big Bear. And I promised myself I'd get back there at least one more time this winter!

 Joanna about to put on her skis for the first time!
 I look like marshmellow but I had a shirt in my pocket that I was about to go change into, as well as an iphone, powder, lipstick, trail map, chapstick, granola bars, gum, tylenol, headphones....oh yeah I am prepared!
 Rebecca ready to go!

Such a fun day with fun friends!

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