Monday, January 2, 2012

Baking with Toddlers...

While in Oklahoma, we had a cookie baking day with my cousin Vivi (age 2.5), my best friend Jenny and her daughter McKenna (age 1.5), our good friend/pretty much family member Amanda and her daughter Kayela (15 months). Vivi's favorite part was pouring the flour on the dough to roll it out (and eating the cookie dough). She would have used an entire sack of flour if I let her. She also loved her some sprinkles! I finally just let her go at it, as there was no use trying to make the snowman actually look like a snowman :). Sprinkles were ALL over my Mom's breakfast room, kitchen, hallway. She will be finding sprinkles in random places for years! But it was fun and they turned out cute. McKenna decorated a few, and Kayela will be more into it next year. Vivi took her cookies home to her Mom and Dad and Grandma. They were "special cookies" with lots of love and snot and slobber!! If you ate a sugar cookie at Eve Eve, not to worry, those were slobber and snot free! :) I love holiday traditions and hope this is one we can do every year with these cute little girls!

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