Monday, January 2, 2012

Always an adventure...

Our annual road trip to Oklahoma, that is! This year was our 4th year making the 20ish hour drive from CA to OK. People think we are nuts, but I honestly prefer it to flying. Flying is stressful during the holidays- lines, weather delays (jeff got stuck in vegas one year on the 23rd) and stupid baggage weight limits and fees! Not to mention, driving allows us to bring shadow (and save a ton of $ in boarding fees!). So, we make the drive. Or should I say Jeff makes the drive and I just ride :). This year we hit a massive blizzard through pretty much the entire state of New Mexico. We were keeping our eye on the weather and knew we would hit some snow, but had no idea we would hit 70mph winds and white out conditions. It was insane. I wanted to stop and stay the night in tucumcari, and Albuquerque, and Santa Rosa and pretty much every town we passed, but Jeff kept going slowly but surely. We went less than 30mph for about 4 hours. It was intense! Thankfully, we made it to oklahoma safe and sound, -about four hours later than expected! So maybe driving is just as stressful as flying... :)

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