Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Times and New Friends

Last weekend we decided to have a night out in downtown LA with friends Mike and Nicole. It was the last night of LA Restaurant Week and so we decided to try The Palm Steakhouse. It was delicious! I had the steak and lobster and cesear salad and Jeff had the steak and lobster bisque soup and we sorta shared. The sides at the Palm are family style and huge! We had three cheese potatoes, onion strings, fried asparagus, and creamed spinache. For dessert, the waiter brought out Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Cake, Cream Brulee and Cheesecake. We all had a little sampling. It was amazing we were able to go out after that because we were stuffed! The walls are covered in pictures (drawings) of people and the waiter explained to us that it was part of their diner program.  He told us if you join the diner program and spend $15,000 then you can get your picture on the wall. Jeff now has a goal. We joined the progam (for a small $25 fee, but got a $25 gift card in return), and now we will see how many years it takes to to reach that goal...and how many calories...eek! I will gladly eat my lobster whenever he wants so he can reach his goal. :)
See the onion strings in the background of this picture? Yes, they aren't joking when they say it's a lot!

After dinner we headed to Hollywood to have a drink at Nicole's roommates birthday party at Citazen Smith. We then went back downtown and went to a few bars and finally to our hotel. It was a nice mini-getaway, as we were only 20 minutes from home, but still felt like a little trip!

Nicole and I in Hollywood 

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The Redfields said...

Cute outfit! I will be curious to see how long it does take to earn that pic on the wall! HAHA! You two will need to start going at least once a month ;-)