Monday, November 1, 2010

Casino Point Diving

Last weekend we took the Catalina Express over to Catalina Island for a fun day of diving. Sports Chalet was hosting demo day so there were booths set up with reps from various brands. They also had a treasure hunt, where they hid small tubberware bowls in the dive park. Each bowl had a number which represented a prize. The prizes varied from $5 gift cards to a roller gear back and dive computer. Jeff found 4 of the bowls! We could only claim one prize each, and ended up Cressi fins and a mask. We got three dives in (barely) and had good visibility and the water was actually not too cold! We saw an Eel, Lobsters, Horn Shark, Halibut, and the usual various kelp fish, bass, sheepshead and girabaldi. The weather on the surface was cloudy, but warm, with even some light showers during the day. The sun finally came out just in time for a pretty sunset. I can't wait to go back and dive there again. Easy entry/exit to the dive park. Fun, smooth and comfortable ride over. Can't beat that!
Thanks to the Catalina Express for showing baseball instead of the OU/Missou game we did not get to see the game on the way back. I couldn't help myself so I checked in on the scores from my phone, even though we had DVR'd it. Once we got home, we knew the fate of the Sooners and decided not to pain ourselves with watching the game.

Horn Shark

                                                                      Two Halibut

                               Easy Entry/Exit on the Stairs (except in super low tide like dive #3!)

                                Catalina Island off in the distance as we were headed back to LA


Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

SO fun! I love that Catalina Island looks like somewhere in Europe with all the boats and hillside! What a cool looking shark!! Thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

Whoa...beardy Jeff...I dig and the trip looks fun!!!

Gina said...

Way to go to my bro for finding so many of the prizes! Too bad you couldn't keep them all! I like Shannon's tearm of "beardy Jeff". So funny!