Monday, November 24, 2014

Wedding day!

Giuliana woke up bright and early on Saturday and while Kelly tried to take care of her and let Jeff and I sleep, she kept saying "See Daddy". Like 5000 times. I could hear her (and he of course slept through it all) so I finally got up and started the day. She loved the chairs by the window and I'm sure left crumbs of pound cake in the cushions (sorry!). Ginger was excited to share some pound cake with her new friend. 

After some lounging and a shower, all the ladies went to get our hair done at local salon. While we have no make-up on yet, our hair looks cute! 

Headed out the door to the ceremony!

We had this nice ride to drive us around for the afternoon/evening. 

The ceremony was at the beautiful state capital building in downtown Madison. 

Giuliana was quite the nut during the ceremony and Jeff had to walk away with her a few times. Then she wanted me to hold her and while they were saying their vows she decided it was the perfect time to sing her "ABCs". 

"stomp, stomp, stomp". and "NO cheese" (aka, I don't want my picture taken) was the theme of the afternoon. 

We then headed to a restaurant for happy hour. It was freezing, but don't mind Jeff and G who refused to wear a coat. 

After happy hour, the snow started coming down and we headed to 43 North for dinner. It was delicious. For being the only kiddo and it being a long day, G did quite well. She loved watching the "SNOOOOW". During the time we were eating the ground was covered and it was so beautiful. It created such a charming and romantic evening. (I'm sure locals don't see it as that...they see it as the beginning of a very long winter). 

After dinner we headed back to the house and had dessert, drinks, and toasts. We tried to get a family picture, but the "no cheese" mood continued...

She looks a little evil...but at least she is looking at the camera. 

Such a fun day! I am so happy for Kelly and Jeff and wish them a lifetime of happiness. Kelly and I have been best friends our entire lives. Who would have thought we would both end up marrying guys named Jeff who work in the same industry! 

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