Friday, September 12, 2014

Enjoying the Small Moments - summer 2014

Now that Labor Day has passed, I consider it officially fall. My goal for the summer of 2014 was to have a lot of fun. And fun we had. We typically take a big vacation, but for various reasons, were not able to this summer. Instead we filled the weekends with fun things and created lots of little memories. Another goal I had this summer was to focus on the little moments and not get stressed out when things don't go the perfect way I have them planned in my head. Because let's be honest, with a toddler (and a husband who can sometimes act like a toddler :) ) things typically don't go as planned. And I think I did a good job with that goal.  So, it was a summer of enjoying the little moments together, because in the end that's what life is all about! 

To recap: We went to the pool, the beach, an outdoor movie, had a picnic in the park, blew bubbles, went to the Fair, trips to the Nelsons, two weddings for Mommy and Daddy, we had lazy Sundays, we grilled out, we went to Oklahoma and played with cousins and grandparents and went to splash pads, birthday parties, saw fireworks, swim lessons, had playdates in the driveway, we watched movies, Mommy and Daddy went scuba diving, we ate s'mores, we baked cupcakes, we went to the circus, we had sick days and Mommy went to Glen Ivy Day Spa! What a summer!! Now bring on tall boots, football, and all things pumpkin :) 

Memorial Day weekend, to start off the summer at the Nelsons 

we did a lot of swimming, all summer long....

Rosen's Baby Shower

Family Beach Day


Fun in Oklahoma 

Lazy Sunday afternoons watching Lucky Duck (while Mommy and Daddy watched something more interesting) and playing with our dollhouse.

Chilling in our bike for walks around the neighborhood


Mommy and Daddy had a date weekend scuba diving with sea lions! 

And another little weekend getaway to Lake Arrowhead for a wedding (so much fun!)

The OC State Fair

Outdoor movie,where we jumped in bounce houses and ate funnel cake!

We laid in the grass and enjoyed the outside

Mommy and Daddy had a night out at a wedding for Shad and Vanessa

To celebrate the end of summer, we went to the Nelsons, and cheered on the Sooners and watched Mommy and Daddy draft their 2014 Fantasy Teams. 

And for the final weekend of summer, we went to G's daycare "End of Summer Party" and G slide down the slides and bounced in the bounce houses over and over and over. While it was September, and "fall" in my book, it was SO hot, we were dying. We also started soccer, which will be a fun fall activity for us to look forward to. (Besides football and all things pumpkin, of course). 

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