Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend wrap up

The weekend kicked off Friday night with game night with a bunch of neighborhood friends. We try to get together every month or two for game nights and it's always a blast. This time we welcomed a new couple who will be moving into our neighborhood next month and we couldn't be more excited. We played catch phrase and then I introduced everyone to the "Celebrity" game which always sounds like it won't be that fun when you hear the rules but it hilariously fun. Everyone enjoyed it. See the rules here: Celebrity Game. We would have played for hours but when half the people have babies, knowing you have to be up bright and early makes midnight seem like 4 am!

I failed in the picture department, except of the dessert I brought. I had been craving s'mores and had a little s'mores sterno thing where you can roast them indoors. YUM!

Thanks to staying up late Friday night, waking up early Saturday (615, thanks G for waking up even EARLIER than normal), family nap time was a must on Saturday. On Sunday we went to the pool and Giuliana jumped into Jeff's arms from the steps approximately 389 thousand times. I got to layout uninterpreted with a cold beverage for about 20 minutes, which was heaven. Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood. Can you tell she loves her wagon? We ended the weekend grilling out hamburgers (served on sweet Hawaiian rolls is now a must in our house!). I love these sunny, summer weekends!

I do not have a natural gift for fixing hair, but I am getting better with her pony tails. Trying to do it on an ever moving target does not make things easier. How cute is she with her half pony and yoga pants?!

And then, it's not Monday morning in our house without Giuliana waking up SICK!. A 103.6 fever and ANOTHER trip to the doctor. This time she has a sinus infection. Boo. Tag teaming parenting today as Jeff and I are taking turns working and being with her. They switched up the antibiotics she was on from the ear infection she had last week to something stronger, so hopefully she will kick this fast. She definitely felt bad this morning, as she fell asleep in my arms waiting on the doctor, something she never does unless she's really sick. 

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Cathy said...

Love all the photos and the update. My favorite photo is Miss G with that silly grin and scrunched up nose! What a doll!