Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sickies, shoes and cowboys

After having a fever on Mothers Day, I took G to the doc the following day thinking it was an ear infection. Turns out she had hand, foot, mouth disease, which is really contagious but harmless. She had little dots on her hands and feet, and after her fever ended Monday she was TOTALLY fine. (see below!). However, daycare would not let her back for a few days, so it was a fun week of balancing work and a toddler. One day we were so busy at work with things I HAD to be in the office to do, I ended up taking her with me. Overall, she did great and even slept for two hours in her stroller. I had my office door shut, the lights off, the white noise machine cranked up, and worked on the computer for two uninterrupted hours. It was great. After her nap, I took her in the conference room, turned on Disney Jr. (why my office has Disney jr, I do not know, but I'll take it) and managed to finish the rest of our big project.


Over the weekend, we had a quick trip to the mall. Giuliana has one huge obsession - shoes. If she sees them laying in the house and she is barefoot, she She was in shoe heaven at Gap.

We enjoyed a Saturday evening picnic in the park.

And Sunday night I had a girls night out with Joanna to see Tim McGraw in Irvine. I am not exactly a country fan, but I knew a few songs and it was really fun!

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