Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day weekend

My Mother's Day weekend started out Friday afternoon with a tea at Giuliana's preschool/daycare. I didn't know what to expect, as she has only been going there for a month, but it was so nice! They had sandwiches, lots of desserts, fun music, crafts set up for the kids to make for their moms, and a photo booth. The photobooth was so fun and a nice change to have a picture with me AND Giuliana in together. They also had a gift bag of things the kids had made at school for the moms. We got pots painted with their handprints to grow flowers (Jeff said, oh look something for you to try to grow and then kill, b/c I am terrible with flowers!). My favorite has to be the bracelet made of painted pasta noodles with her giant face on it. It's to die for funny and adorable all at the same time. 


On Mother's Day, Jeff went and got breakfast from one of our favorites and I had beautiful orchids and a card waiting for me. 


After G's nap we were planning on going to the pool or beach, but she woke up cranky and had a fever of 102.6, so we ended up being lazy, cuddling and watching the Thunder game. G learned a new phrase during the game "OH, NO!" (Hey, it could have been a worse phrase). 

Jeff prepared a delicious steak dinner with potatoes and brussel sprouts with bacon. YUM!

I am so lucky I get to be this girl's mom. Even when she's sick and feels terrible, she is still smiling and sweet as can be. She's onry and determined and makes me laugh!

OH, and it turns out she has hand, foot and mouth disease. Gross. She can't go back to school until her little dots on her hands disappear so hopefully it doesn't last long. Mom and Dad need to work! Until then, its cartoons, cuddles, playing, and attempting to multitask with the laptop and work!

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