Thursday, April 24, 2014

To my 16 month old...

I haven't done a Giuliana update since she turned one, and my how she has changed. She started walking by herself a week or two after her birthday, and now she is pretty much running everywhere! Her hair has gotten so much longer, which I don't even realize until I look at old pictures. She looks like such a little girl now and no longer a baby. She is so silly, and also very stubborn. {humm I wonder where she gets that from}. She went through a stranger-danger phase and only wanted Mom or Dad, but now she is finally getting better with that. She started daycare a few weeks ago and seems to be loving it. I love all the fun activities she gets to do and I know she is learning so much. And building up lots of immunities. Gotta love the constant runny nose :(

Stats: 12 teeth. Stopped taking a bottle a few days before she turned one, and switched to whole milk around then too. Still sleeps 7pm-7am. At around 15 months she started transitioning to one nap a day. For a month or two her second nap would just be "lay in your crib and play with your feet time" so we knew it was time to extend the morning nap till mid day and drop the afternoon nap. She is still a picky eater. She eats most fruit, pb&j, rolls, turkey sausage, blueberry waffles, cheese sticks, mac n cheese, cheerios, and sometimes chicken nuggets. She will eat veggies if it's mixed with fruit in a pouch thing. Size 4 diapers, 18 month clothes, sz 4 shoes. 

Signature moves: Making her teapot play music and dancing in circles, dropping it like its hot on the dance floor at Uncle Truss's wedding, putting on Shadow's collar, grabbing the remote and running away with it, opening and shutting doors over and over and over, blowing kisses and waving bye, climbing up and down the stairs, clapping after she gets in trouble (especially for getting in the pantry), eating playing in the dirt, bringing Mom or Dad invisible presents that she finds on the floor. 

Words: Uh-Oh, Ice, Eyes (they sound the exact same), Ma, Dad, cheese, agua, Yeah, Sha-do, shews (shoes), sooo big, eee (eat), bay-be (baby), hi, ste-p (step). and ello (hello). 

Dad's Proudest Moment - at the park a few weeks ago she was walking around the big play structure and a boy probably around 7 years old was in her way. She looked up at him, gave him a big two handed push, and walked past him totally proud of herself. Jeff's eyes lite up with delight. :) His second proudest moment is probably at Truss's wedding when Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get it On" came on and she got incredibly excited and started dancing like a fool. Pure terror flashed before his eyes. 

Mom's Proudest Moment - Letting her play with her stroller wheel outside and then falling over the wheel and getting a huge black and blue knot on her forehead. Mommy Fail. Getting home from work and thinking she maybe felt hot. Fast forward 30 minutes when we finally find the thermometer and her temp is 104.7. 

Favorite Memories - Going to Disneyland with Scott, Jenny and McKenna and riding a ton of rides (she is scared of nothing!), going to SeaWorld and watching the Shamu show, hunting Easter Eggs at school and at the Nelsons, Dying Easter eggs, playing in the dirt at Grandma and Grandad's house with Dad, dancing at Truss's wedding, playing with her cousins at Gran's house, and swimming. 

Giuliana, your Dad and I love you SO much. You make us laugh each and every day. My favorite moments are those spent with the two of you. It amazes us how quickly you change, grow and learn. You are Miss Independent most of the time, but also love for us to be nearby so we are quickly accessible for a hug. We pray you will always know that however far the distance we are always there for you and that you will continue to grow, learn and become all that God plans for you to be! - Jeff Cinotto and Lindsay Cinotto

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